Why the Fully Functional Flexible Framework (4F) is the best you’ll find for online slots

One of the cores of our online slots revolution is the Fully Functional Flexible Framework (4F) which allows for great flexibility in development and deployment on partner servers.

The development has been very challenging for our programmers because it consists of a real novelty: to create a framework that is a tool of freedom rather than a hook to technical limitations. We can say that we have succeeded we can manage custom designs without placing limitations on the creativity of the craziest of designers.

The advantages of using 4F for development

The job today is to merge the design with the framework and make the server communicate without any kind of problem. So, we have created the first advantage: time management. We manage to optimize it to create high-quality games. Each slot will include interactive details, animations, particle management and effects

Flexibility without limits

We have created our framework to make sure we can meet every possible requirement. We got rid of all the restrictions and limitations imposed by other products on the market. We have developed our tools to make sure that nobody puts limits on our imagination.

Compatibility and stability

All our products are compatible with the latest peripherals and operating systems. We guarantee backward compatibility of at least three generations of products so that no one is left behind. None of our customers has reported any bugs in the last 12 months. Nothing else to add!

How to evaluate 4F

All our games are based on this technology, you can get a first taste by going to the Lab area and evaluating the stability of the different slots. Of course, you would have to be a partner to fully experience the power of this system, but we assure you that the quality of our games may surprise you.