The Heisenberg online slot

Heisenberg is the slot machine for building Tucson’s criminal empire

Heisenberg is the game where you’ll have to help the chemical genius conquer the Arizona drug market. Yes, it’s just what you imagine: round, thin glasses, goatee and bowler hat along with a young sidekick. How to do all this with a slot machine? Let’s find out together.

Heisenberg and the underground graphics

Our graphics team developed the project with those who like innovative games with contemporary graphics in mind. We designed the symbols in 3D to create a more enveloping environment and to bring the player into the adventure.

The setting is the garage where Blue Crystal is cooked. The background is underground and the colours make you feel the sour smell of the process. Green is the dominant colour, creating a vivid contrast with the symbols that run across the screen. You’ll feel like you’re living in the laboratory where the Genie is creating his perfect drug.

An addictive slot game mechanic

The mechanics are classic 3×5 online slots with 25 payouts. The game is enriched with extra games to increase the fun and unpredictability. In fact, there are:

  • Free Spins based on Scatter mechanics
  • Extra Free Spins
  • Bonus Pick with multiple choices where you decide which recipe to use to create the best quality
  • Multiple wild combinations through the substitution of the wild symbol.

In this game, as in all of our games, there is a quick play mode that ensures fun for even the most frantic players.

Heisenberg Technical Specifications

This slot is fun for players looking for new designs and uncomfortable settings. We thought of these players as having a deep understanding of the game mechanics, which is why we thought of structuring high volatility with an RTP of 95.8%. This way we think we can satisfy the user experience more with big wins, but more sporadic ones. As mentioned earlier, the slot is a 5 Reels with 25 paylines. Like all our products you can play it on both mobile and desktop. All this is accompanied by an original soundtrack designed and composed by MelodyReels TM. Here are the technical features in brief

  • RTP: 95.8%.
  • Volatility: high
  • Type of roller: rotating
  • Rollers, Rows: 5 rollers, 3 rows, 25 lines
  • Available for Desktop and Mobile

Heisenberg, the slot you can’t live without

If you’re curious about the description of this underground-flavoured slot game, you can try it here for free and experience the thrills of the game for yourself. Please note that there is no charge to try it out and it can be a good way to learn more about the game mechanics and be more aware when you decide to play it on one of our partner platforms. To keep up to date on the world of slot machines and discover all our products, follow us on our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, we are waiting for you!