The epic online slot game Gods of Time by Nemesis

Gods of Time is the fantasy adventure style game you won’t be able to give up

Gods of Time is the slot that we dedicate to fans of fantasy adventures and is full of twists and turns. The setting is immediately familiar: you’ll feel like you’re in an ancient temple where you’ll have to face various challenges to find the lost treasure and not lose your sense of… time. Your mission, in fact, is to reach the secret chamber of the “Gods of Time”. Face challenges and discover the passages that will lead you to the secret rooms where you’ll look for the Hourglass that will help you escape the eyes of the guardians who keep the secret!

The graphics of Gods of Time

Our graphics team developed the project thinking about movies set in ancient Egypt where Gods, men and fantastic creatures live together in epic adventures. The game is set in an ancient temple with soft light and warm colours. The few contrasts in this setting let you know right away what symbols to watch out for. Ancient iconography is evident but redesigned in Nemesis’ unique style. Between the hourglass, the pharaoh and the heart, you really won’t know what to wish for.

A slot with compelling game mechanics

The mechanics are classic 3×5 online slots with 25 payouts. The game is enriched with extra games to increase the fun and unpredictability. In fact, there are:

  • Free spins based on Scatter mechanics
  • Bonus choice in the secret room with 3 treasure chests to open with guaranteed winnings
  • Extra free spins that can be won during a Free Spins session.
  • Multiple Wild combinations through Wild symbol substitution.

In this game, as in all our games, there is a quick play mode that ensures fun for even the most frenetic players.

Gods of Time Technical Features

This slot is designed to entertain the adventure slot player. We thought of players who are always ready for new challenges, which is why we thought of structuring high volatility with an RTP of 96.2%. In this way, we think to satisfy the user experience more with full-bodied but more sporadic winnings. As mentioned earlier, the slot is a 5 Reels with 25 pay lines. Like any of our products, you can play it on both Mobile and Desktop. Everything is accompanied by an original soundtrack designed and composed by our sound design team using our proprietary technology MelodyReels TM. Here in brief the technical features

  • RTP: 96.2%.
  • Volatility: high
  • Roller type: rotating
  • Rollers, Rows: 5 rollers, 3 rows, 25 lines
  • Available for Desktop and Mobile

Gods of time, the all-playing adventure slot

If the description of this epic slot intrigued you, you can try it here for free to experience the thrilling experience of this game for yourself. I remind you that the test is not paid and it can be a good way to learn more about the game mechanics in order to be more aware when you decide to play it on one of our partner platforms. To be always updated on the universe of slot machines and discover all our products follow us on our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, we are waiting for you!