The 10 most played online slot machines of October by Nemesis 

We never expected such results in October among the most played slots on our platform. You are about to discover one of our strongest curiosities too, which of our creations were played the most?

The ranking of the most played slots

The ranking shows the slots on which the most hands have been played.  They are not the ones with the most players, but the ones that users have grown fond of and played the most. Which are they?

  1. Gods of Time
  2. Heisenberg
  3. Hospital
  4. Starfruits Forever
  5. Dragon Breath
  6. Wrath of Ymir
  7. Legacy of Vlad
  8. Neon Blast
  9. Captain’s Revenge
  10. Jungle Party

Some of the slots on this list have historically been among the most popular with our players. In particular, slots inspired by classic fruit machines such as Starfruits Forever and Neon Blast are popular with players who combine knowledge of classic symbols with innovative graphics and 5-reel mechanics, but that’s not enough to win. This month the adventure/fantasy strand has taken the lead.

Gods of Time wins in terms of number of plays with its experience in ancient Egypt and Legacy of Vlad consolidates its presence with a Vampire adventure. The fantasy adventure setting is what drove this month’s new entries: Wrath of Ymir and Dragon Breath. The first is set in the cold north with axes in the deep snow and Viking warriors; we have always believed in it and it is finally finding the success it deserves. The second is one of the latest slots to be released, taking you to Imperial China with animal spirits and big challenges.

Bronze medal for Hospital, our slot hosted by the sexiest hospital on the planet, and the silver medal for Heisenberg!

Where to play Nemesis slots online

Our slots are available for a free trial in our lab area. If you want more detailed information you can go to our Games area to discover all our games and enter the Nemesis world.

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