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Nemesis’ top 10 most played online slot machines (November)

Here we are to find out which were the most played online slots of the month just ended. November brought some truly surprising results compared to the October rankings. Some were catapulted out of the top 10 to make way for others that entered without asking permission. Let’s find out which of our games are the most popular.

Most played slots ranking

The ranking shows the slots that have been played the most hands.  This is not to say that they are the ones with the most players, but the ones that users have grown fond of and played the most. Which are they?

  1. Gods of Time
  2. Hospital
  3. Heisenberg
  4. Legacy of Vlad
  5. Captain’s Revenge
  6. Monster’s House
  7. Under a Burning Sky
  8. Jungle Party
  9. Arabian Gold
  10. Neon Blast

Some of the slots on this list have historically been among the most popular with our players. The sexy game Hospital is always in the top three thanks to its appealing graphics and the variety of game settings. This month it was Heisenberg, the slot where “cooking” doesn’t mean as much as you might expect.  Gods of Time remains firmly in first place in terms of number of plays with its lost in time experience of ancient Egypt and Legacy of Vlad consolidates its presence with a Vampire adventure.

This month’s new entries are Monster’s House, Under a Burning Sky and Arabian Gold. The first one is a nice adventure in a cemetery full of crazy and funny monsters. Under a Burning Sky has a classic Western setting and Arabian Gold is our take on the Arabian Nights classic.

Where to play Nemesis slots online

Our slots are available for a free trial in our lab area. If you want more detailed information you can go to our Games area to discover all our games and enter the Nemesis world.


Legacy of Vlad is the horror slot you’ve been waiting for

In Legacy of Vlad, you’ll have the chance to play a horror setting with gameplay that flows smoothly between different bonus and free spin plays. What awaits you once you start the slot?

Legacy of Vlad is the slot for those who love tension. In the terrible cathedral of St. Ekaterina, legend has it that spirits inhabit the ruins of this ancient place where the romance between Count Vlad and Ekaterina was destroyed by the evil Marta. You are the explorer who will want to uncover the mystery. Will you make it out alive?

The graphics and game symbols of Legacy of Vlad

Our graphics team developed the design with movies and vampire novels in mind. All elements, symbols and characters are developed with three-dimensional graphics and original animations. The symbols are all you can expect from a Vampire story: blood, garlic, crosses, silver ammunition, esoteric symbols and the protagonists of the story.

The setting is the cathedral of St. Ekaterina which hosts the story, with the nave where the reels and lines are placed. The appearance of Martha triggers Free Spins set in the cathedral crypt where the legend took place.

The original soundtrack is unobtrusive during play and is well constructed to bring out the game sounds. Plus, thanks to our proprietary MelodyReels™ feature, it will always be appropriate to the game situation you find yourself in.

A slot with compelling game mechanics

The mechanics are classic 3×5 online slots with 25 payouts. The game is enriched with extra games to increase the fun and unpredictability. In fact, there are:

  • Free spins based on Scatter mechanics.
  • Free spin mode.
  • Multiple wild combinations through the substitution of the wild symbol.

In this game, as in all our games, there is a fast game mode that ensures fun for even the most frenetic players.

Legacy of Vlad Technical Specifications

This slot is designed to entertain the horror online slots player. We thought of players who are always up for a new challenge, which is why we thought of structuring high volatility with an RTP of 96.5%. This way we think we can satisfy the user experience more with big but more sporadic wins. As mentioned earlier, the slot is a 5 Reels with 25 paylines. Like all our products you can play it on both mobile and desktop. Here are the technical features in brief

  • RTP: 96.2%.
  • Volatility: high
  • Roller type: Revolving
  • Rollers, Rows: 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 lines
  • Available for Desktop and Mobile

Legacy of Vlad, the online slot you want to play

If you’re curious about the description of this slot game, you can try it here for free and experience the thrills of playing it for yourself. Please note that there is no charge to try it out and it can be a good way to learn more about the game mechanics and be more aware when you decide to play it on one of our partner platforms. To keep up to date on the world of slot machines and discover all our products, follow us on our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, we are waiting for you!

Data sheet
Return to player
Reel type
Reels, rows
Lines 5 Reels, 3 Rows, 25 Lines
Playable lines sets (Fixed)
10, 15, 20, 25
Available on
Desktop, Mobile