Romanian ONJN B2B license is added to the list of Nemesis authorizations

ONJN Romania granted us the authorization to supply our games to providers by assigning us the B2B license.

The ONJN, Romania’s regulating body for gambling, has authorized us to supply our games to providers by assigning us the B2B license. This is a step forward in the international distribution policy that we have been trying to pursue since our inception.

Before the pandemic, the gambling market in Romania had an average annual growth rate of 11%, making it a very interesting country to run our slots in.

What is a B2B ONJN license?

Licensing in Romania is handled differently depending on whether you are applying for authorization to access the consumer market versus the business market. Gambling manufacturers and distributors must apply for the license that is most fitting for their items. The categories for B2B licensing are:

  • manufacturers, distributors as well as other entities performing activities with gaming means or gaming components (note: this type of Class 2 licence is relevant for the land-based sector);
  • software providers;
  • providers of platform management and hosting services;
  • providers of live casino streaming services;
  • certification laboratories, auditors and conformity assessment bodies;
  • payment processors; and
  • marketing affiliates.

Another step towards realizing our expansion plan

Having the possibility to provide our games in Romania is another step in our international expansion plan. A few days ago we announced our agreement with Pixelo for the use of our slots on the platforms of the italian provider VinciTu. The goal remains to always look for new outlets in interesting markets to entertain players with our innovative slots.