Once upon a time..
This is the story of how we decided to revolutionize the world of entertainment

There was a group of professionals in the gaming industry who got tired of seeing the market stuck in the same old patterns, the same old casino games with a cherry a diamond and a “3bar” icon that means “jackpot”, the same old colors, the same fancy packages with nothing inside, the same old rules and the same usual flat boring payouts scheme.

After years and years of experience in the most noticeable leading companies from all around the world, we decided to create something brand new and unseen previously and start to pursue our vision of what a game could really be.

Since its establishment in 2017, Nemesis GS gathered several creative minds, 2d & 3d artists, designers, musicians, sound designers, illustrators, mathematicians, nerds and gamers who started their own adventure giving birth to their first ideas turning tiny sparkles into huge bonfires.
Graphic Design
Our main team focuses day after day (perhaps even at night) handling the whole creation pipeline, converting a single paper sketch into a 2d-3d model, environment... Game!
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Our front-end client is highly customizable allowing us to add any content and integrate ideas in a blink of an eye. Our Backend takes care of everything else allowing us to switch our Certified RNGs and RTPs on the fly.
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Internal Framework
We created our own framework that takes care of handling every possible game assembly integrating smoothly into our backend and able to communicate with any other gaming platform through simple, yet effective, API's.
Step by step

That’s the first step and perhaps the most crucial one. Here is where the magic borns!


In a world that’s constantly evolving we have to make sure that our ideas are always original. Our Research team is always scouting for refreshing contents.


“Hey can we make a 3d Cow dressed as an astronaut holding a lollipop while singing Jingle Bells?“ – Yes we can! But would it be good for the market? We analyze any ideas carefully before venturing into the unknown lands of a new born project


We take care of every single step. Our games are our creations, Our Avatars are our Children. Sky’s the Limit (and often, that limit is surpassed!)


As if it is not enough we take care of the whole Packaging and ATL/BTL Advertising elements, cause everyone loves shiny Pictures, Images and Sound Design!


Every game comes with its own API and can be integrated into any platform easily in a matter of minutes without any workaround or annoying delay caused by random issues. We prefer to leave the “random” to others while we focus on stability and safety.

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