Nemesis GS at Sigma Europe Malta, our experience

These days we have been at Sigma Europe in Malta with our Team to meet other passionate businessmen in the world of slots. They have been intense days of interesting relationships, here is our short experience.

Sigma Europe, finally in the presence

When we landed in Malta we felt the strong emotion of attending an event in presence. This feeling was even stronger when we entered the exhibition and, even more so, when we set up our stand at the Portomaso Casino.

Sigma was a whirlwind of events, voices and people. The speeches were very interesting to understand how other operators see the current direction of gaming and how the sector could evolve in the medium to long term.

There are certainly interesting prospects at a technological level: the introduction of the metaverse and augmented reality could push operators to a technological innovation equal to that which has taken place from mechanical slots to digital slots.

A good collaboration with Portomaso Casino

We set up our booth at Portomaso Casino in order to showcase our products and meet platforms interested in innovative and exciting games. We did not fail. We met people who are passionate about the world of slots and it was very pleasant to talk to them. In addition, we could not miss the opportunity to present our latest addition: Jane Monroe and the Mayan Gold.

The dinner organised to meet those who were interested in Nemesis GS was an excellent opportunity to learn more about it and to understand what the market demands from a bottom-up approach.

The return and some considerations

Like everything else, Sigma Europe is over. We return to our headquarters full of ideas to sort through and transfer to improve our game development operations. The comparison with other realities helps us to think outside the box in which we fit in our daily life. We felt a strong need to start again with these face-to-face meetings which, as every time, did not disappoint.