Nemesis Games Studio games live in Italy thanks to VinciTu and Pixelo

Nemesis Games Studio now provides games on VinciTu thanks to the collaboration with the platform and the integration with the technology provider Pixelo. A collaboration that represents a fundamental step in the Italian market.

Vincitu s.r.l., holder of the concession for remote games Code GAD 15200, offers gaming services via the Internet. The platform, to date, proposes a series of cutting-edge products and offers its customers a unique and exciting experience in each gaming vertical in which it competes with the largest international bookmakers present in Italy.

Pixelo offers a platform for managing online gaming activities for Italian customers with high standards of security and a gaming offer always on par with the times.

Nemesis Games Studio has developed a platform for casino games and has certified 16 titles for the Italian market intending to reach 30 by the end of 2021. Not only games but engagement tools are available to the operators and their player’s retention. Soon they will release the first and innovative engagement system for our players based on the typical Italian sharing and sense of belonging to a network or a brand.

A new partnership for Nemesis Games Studio in continuous development

Every time we sign an agreement we feel deep satisfaction to share our vision about the gaming world with our partners. The statements of the involved subjects show how we get results thanks to a 360 degrees vision of creativity, technology and fun.

Adriano Taccoli, Creative Director and Co-Founder :

“Vincitu is the first fundamental step of entry into the Italian market, our mission is to bring to the general public our idea of the game that focuses on technological innovation and player entertainment.

As a company we are already projected to 2022 where we want to create something unique that differentiates us within the market, our team of experts is working on the creation of an omnichannel offer with which to attract the retail player in the online space.

We thank the entire Pixelo team for the professionalism shown during the integration phase”.

Cristina Ferrario, CCO Pixelo:

“We are pleased to have been the first to believe in the success of the Nemesis Games Studio product by creating this partnership between the two companies. Together we are sure to achieve important results thanks to the cutting-edge projects under development”.