Hospital is a sexy online slot by Nemesis

Hospital is the slot for those who love beautiful women. Okay, you didn’t expect to be in a hospital, but you also didn’t expect to have the encounter that would change your life. In the role of Leonard Wilson, you’ll want to win over the head of the division: Shirley Peterson MD. You’ll meet “special” instruments and nurses that will leave you breathless. The choices of this game are original and the gameplay flows smoothly between the different plays with bonuses and free spins. What awaits you once you start the slot?

Hospital’s graphics and game symbols

Our graphics team developed the design with sexy 3D cartoons in mind. All elements, symbols and characters, are developed with three-dimensional graphics and original animations. The setting is the hospital lobby that hosts the story, with a wall where the reels and lines are positioned. The free spins have the same setting, while the x-ray mode will take you to the most winning ray room ever. The colours are bright and the images vivid!

The original soundtrack is unobtrusive during gameplay and is well constructed to bring out the in-game sounds. Plus, thanks to our proprietary MelodyReels™ feature, it will always be appropriate for the game situation you find yourself in.

A slot with compelling game mechanics

The mechanics are classic 3×5 online slots with 25 payouts. The game is enriched with extra games to increase the fun and unpredictability. In fact, there are:

  • Free spins based on Scatter mechanics
  • X-Ray mode with free spins and increased chances of winning.
  • Multiple Wild combinations through wild symbol substitution.

In this game, as in all our games, there is a fast game mode that ensures fun even for the most frenetic players.

Hospital Technical Features

This slot is designed to entertain the sexy online slot player. We thought of players who are always up for new challenges, which is why we thought of structuring high volatility with an RTP of 96.5%. This way we think to satisfy the user experience more with full-bodied but more sporadic winnings. As mentioned earlier, the slot is a 5 Reels with 25 paylines. Like any of our products, you can play it on both Mobile and Desktop. Here in brief the technical features

  • RTP: 96.5%.
  • Volatility: high
  • Type of reels: revolving
  • Rollers, Rows: 5 rollers, 3 rows, 25 lines
  • Available for Desktop and Mobile

Hospital, the all-playing online slot

If the description of this slot intrigued you, you can try it here for free to experience the addictive experience of this game for yourself. I remind you that the test is not paid and can be a good way to learn more about the mechanics of the game to be more aware when you decide to play it on one of our partner platforms. To be always updated on the universe of slot machines and discover all our products follow us on our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, we are waiting for you!