Hospital is a certified slot for Italy

We are happy to announce that Hospital joins the group of slots that have obtained the certification for the Italian market. Every time we manage to get this result we are very satisfied with the quality of our work. In Italy, the regulation is among the most stringent and complicated to comply with at the European level. Publishing one of our games here becomes a guarantee for the player and for the platforms that host it at an international level.

Why certify online slot games

Not only the platforms that host the games must be certified for the safety of the players. These must comply with technical regulations (privacy, communication, etc.) so as not to deceive the uninformed user. Also, every game on the platform must be certified to prevent unpleasant situations during the game.

Does the game keep what it promises? Is the RTP respected? Is the algorithm that manages the bets stable in the long run? These questions must be answered before the slot game, and online gambling games in general, are published and available to the end customer.

How to try Hospital

Hospital is available on our portal lab for a free trial. Here you can find all the technical specifications of the slot and if you are short on time you can watch the trailer on Instagram. Follow us to stay updated on the international slot market and our original creations.